My Media Usage Analysis

Music, to me, is the most abstract form or art because it represents emotional states, symmetry and repetition, and other intangibles. It requires relatively the least skill (e.g. language skills or relative knowledge) to appreciate music, which makes it the best method for storing and conveying complex stories and information. Whenever I listen to music, it liberates my mind and provoke more thoughts than any other form or art can bring me.

My ways of using music media

With the ease of technology, I usually utilise online music streaming platform like Apple Music or Spotify whenever I stumbled upon any interesting music that are new to me. They may be recommended from anyone I know, from some comments I read online, from playlists. They may also be related to the music I am working on, or within genres that I like. If they are really appealing or enjoyable to me, or they carry intriguing ideas, I may buy the music either online but comes with better audio quality, or buy physical albums.

“New sounds”

To sum it up, these ideas come from “new sounds”. Intriguing ideas comes from different sources, common ones include new music styles, spectacular compositional or arranging skills, and innovative audio production methods that brings me undiscovered feelings. Breaking down these ideas is like trivia games or crossword puzzles to me, which by doing so I learn something more while bringing me joy. I like provide explanations of how and why the “new sounds” are born, or what messages are the creator trying to convey with my creativity, imagination and critical thinking.

Searching for answers

Apart from provoking my thoughts, music is also my tool of exploring other medias. After finishing a game or a puzzle, needless to say, everyone would like to know the “answer”, or at least the intended one. Although music does not always come with an answer, there are still a lot of various pieces of media from people attempting to solve it. For classical or traditional folk music, you have years of scholars or musician writing books about the skill involved and the developmental history. For popular music, it is even more convenient with the ease technology brought. Interviews, biographies and lyrics from creators; Comments, review, YouTube videos and online discussions from other audiences are all sources that better or further convey the ideas.

Linking up with media

Sometimes, when I am taking information from these sources, they link the music up to other types of media such as films, books, stories, animations and games. They can be the inspiration or inspired by, featuring or featured, dissing or discussed, by the music where the “new sounds” come from. That is another thing I love about music, because I have no trouble looking for new inspiration or excitement from other types of media.

One particular personal example is a Japanese manga called “JoJo's Bizarre Adventure”. Some of the characters in this manga have supernatural powers which exist in a summonable humanoid form called “Stands”. Instead of naming it with boring and overused names like iron“-man” or wonder“-woman”, the writer named them with bands, music groups, or song names. I first heard of this manga because I read somewhere online, that one of my favourite band “Red Hot Chilli Pepper” is featured as one of the stand’s name when I was in high school. Now looking back, this manga is life-changing to me as it introduced me to a vast amount of different “new sounds” that eventually got me into what I am doing in SAE right now.

(Stands: the embodiment of owner's super power as a humanoid figure show on the right. The name of this stand is "Killer Queen", from one of the greatest hits of the British rock band "Queen".)

Music as a tool

Music is a useful tool. It trains your mind because it is not only about listening, it is also about reading, thinking, imagining, physical activity (if you are a musician), and most importantly, feeling. It opens you and links you up with everything happening or happened in the world. However, like any other types of media, or any other tool, it requires active participation and critical thinking to make the full use of it. It can hurt people if misused. Common modern-day pop music usually contain idea encouraging sex, alcohol, drugs and consumption. It can hurt people if misused.

But it depends all on our own choice.


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