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Curation: YouTube Channel

The playlists of this channel is a little showcase of my inspiration or source of information as a student studying audio engineering, a musician and a songwriter. These playlists are categorised by their fields, mainly consist of music, reviews and interviews. They are the representation of my daily media usage (mainly YouTube) routine. As I mentioned in my previous blogs, I use music as a tool to get me into other types of media, which is facilitated greatly by the use of videos YouTube has recommended me.


The music in this playlist mainly consist of progressive rock, jazz, and contemporary classical music, which are the three music genres that I liked most. I like to listen to music from an album instead of shuffling like how most people do now. In my opinion, the order of track in an album is an important way of idea conveying that a lot of audience have overlooked. Listen to music in shuffle, to me, is like reading book chapters from different books in a random order, which is particularly stupid.

Music Interviews

Watching interviews from musicians makes me further understand their music and the message they are trying to convey. When they talk about their personal lives, usually I found them very relatable and useful since I am or was facing those problems as well as a person getting into the music industry.

Album reviews

Another way for me to further understand ideas in music. Comment sessions of these videos are a good commonplace for people like me to exchange thoughts.

Audio Production

Have you ever wondered why some sounds in a song sound so good? Sometimes, I cannot break down how sounds are made from songs given my limited knowledge and skills. Watching “making-of”s of great albums or songs is the way for me of “stealing” techniques from professional audio engineers, just like how musicians steal from other pieces of music. Also, there are tutorials of some audio production techniques which are sometimes not covered in our syllabus. If you have enough time and effort, maybe you can produce music as good as professionals.


Equipment knowledge is a great part of audio engineering. It is important to know about different gears to help us get “that sound” in a recording or a mix. In my opinion, knowing what gears people use, price ranges, and comparison between similar gears should be the major part of active learning in audio production field.


Writing BGM (background music) for indie games is my interest and my (usually unpaid) side job. Whenever clients ask me to write about scenarios or feels that I do not know how to recreate, BGMs from other games and sometimes films or tv series is where I go to.


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