Planning my remix

AUD210 Week 4 Remix Planning

The song I am going to remix is Tongue Tied by Veritas, recorded and produced by our fellow classmate Luke Johnston. I have been experimenting and researching for remix styles and idea over the weekend, trying different genres like Tropical House, Future Bass or EDM, but do not feel really comfortable and suitable for the song whatsoever. Therefore, instead of altering the song drastically to fit a different style, I decided to go with the pop style of the song but to put various electronic music elements to it. I think this is because the song itself is rather simple, basically just a solo performance of guitar and vocal, and the vocal melody being not very melodic, remixing the song into other electronic styles without applying vocal chopping or other techniques would not end with good results.

For the musical style and techniques, I will be drawing inspiration from pop, trip hop, hip hop and trap artists like Massive Attack, Post Malone, Rich Brian, etc. Also, I will be looking at remixes of song that comes with similar style or arrangement of the song Tongue Tied that I am remixing. I think Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You is one of the examples. I have been critically listening the samples and techniques used although the remix style are generally not I am going for. However, understanding and utilising some musical choices like how they build-up and resolve the chorus (or the “drop”), can be beneficial to my remix.

Currently, I am keeping the vocals relatively unaltered while adding some heavy hip hop style drum beats to it. For the other stems, I will be sampling the ghost note strumming of the guitar as a rhythmic element and chopping the backing female vocals as melodic fills. Upon talking with the artist and the producer Luke, they agree with my approach and they think this style will be what they intuitively go for if they are to remixing the song themselves.

Lastly, I am facing problem of not getting the right synth sounds for the bass, chords and harmony, as well as finding the whole remix not gluing together. I will be searching for solution and hopefully I can fix these problems in my final remix.


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