Multimedia Project Timeline

Week 10 Jingle Timeline

For this multimedia project, we have got a tight timeframe of 3 weeks to produce a total of 4 minutes of work. The project is split into 3 parts, namely animation, jingle and trailer. I have already finished drafting music for the two animation that I am going to work on, both created by Eddy. As a group, we have done some preliminary sound design recording for our trailer as well as our individual jingle projects. As this is our first project touching on the post-production side of audio production, we are frankly a bit confused of what to do and how to start. Therefore, we are going for a more flexible approach this time. Here under is my plan of going forward to finishing the project.

Week 11

The first and foremost thing that I am going to do, is to draft the music for my jingle. The original ad is aired in Japan exclusively so it is designed towards a Japanese audience. What I am planning to do instead is to change the sounds so Western audience can better get the joke. The music in the original ad is a 30 second cover of an old Hong Kong movie, which I am not going to take reference from as it would not be familiar for western audience. Instead, I am going to draw inspirations from the Oriental Riff, the Mortal Kombat theme song, and may be also Through the Fire and Flame by Dragonforce.

The second part of week 11 is going to be mixing our existing sound effects into the jingle and the trailer. These sound effects come from the preliminary recording session we did last week and our own recorded samples from previous works. Mixing them to the video will give me and our group a better understanding of where we are in terms of the process. After that, we will identify what sound effects that we are going to record, and what we are going to do next.

We have a clear plan on what to record for environmental and sounds that involve outdoor recording. However, we are not quite sure for studio-recreateable sounds in terms of what we need and how we are going to record. A lot of these sounds are various impact noises and household objects, so our plan is to experiment in our own time back in our own places. If experimentation fails, we will look for other solutions, possibly do another recording session in the studios collectively or just go for samples instead.

For the animation, I am going to blend in sound effects that fit the environment and show them altogether to Eddy the creator. As I have already mentioned in the presentation last week, for the old eastern building, Eddy and I both agreed on a Chinese New Year sounding tune with some crowd sounds (Link is HERE). For the Memes & Dreams board game, he asked for a tavern, upbeat sounding tune which I have already managed to create. I will also blend some pub/inn/tavern sounds into the music (e.g. beer toasting, people talking, glasses) (Link is HERE).

Week 12 and Week 13

In the first half of the week 12, I am planning to finish draft mixes for all the parts since we have to submit parts of the project at the start of Week 13. Then I am looking to ask for feedbacks from collaborators and peers to further improve the work. Hopefully I can finish most final mixes by the start of week 13 and get them ready for the exhibition.

Along the two weeks, I am also going to update our company website and write short bios or description of our work. Once we finish all our work we will upload them all on the website and present them.


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