Reamping Guns!

AUS220 Week 3

As mentioned in previous blogs, our plan for this week is to “reamp” our gun sounds and various other foleys in the session using the PA system in the soundstage of our campus. The soundstage has roughly similar dimensions as to the lobby featured in the shootout scene of the clip in “The Matrix” that we have been working on. With a week of hard work we managed to record, process, and spot most of the sound effects needed into the session so we were well prepared for our plan for this week’s lesson.

Our effort paid off as the whole process went smoothly and the results are phenomenal. We were all laughing so hard when we play back the shotgun sounds. The sound was so loud and big we can feel the whole soundstage shaking. The plan has worked better than we have expected and they also sound great when we import them back into the studio. However, with all those reamped files the session starts getting very messy and unmanageable so we would need to spend the rest of the week cleaning them up.

In the afternoon, as we still have some more foley works to do, our group has split into individual work again with me going back to the studio to continue editing the session while Adam and Angus continued working on the music the rest of us focus on filling in the missing sounds like footsteps and body hits. At the end of the day we put all our hard work together back into one session as we did a mini progress review to see what we are lacking and what we can do to further improve the project. We still have a fair bit of work to do but the project already sounded great.

Although I did not get to work on the soundtrack for this project, I have always been a fan of soundtracks regardless of genre and kinds of media. For the soundtrack we have worked on this time, it is originally a 90’s Propeller Head style of drum n bass music. I think Adam and Angus has done a great job into recreating that kind of sound and all in all it fits the scene as much as the original did. If we would be able to improve on anything I think it would be more variations as to better relate to the scene.


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