Live sound

AUS220 Week 5

Stepping into week 5 we started our live sound intensive of the semester. Frankly speaking, judging by its cover, this intensive is the one that interests me the least. Being a music lover my whole life, strangely enough, I never actually enjoyed going to live gigs. As an introvert, I never truly enjoy the smell of beer and sweat together will all the moshing and body heat that are generally found in an typical live gig. Apart from that, I think the poor audio quality of venues that I used to go also contributing to me being not into live music. Therefore, live sound has to be my least educated or experienced field out of the whole audio business and this week’s lesson has been eye opening for me.

The lesson was started when Tim introduced what is about the job of a live sound engineer and the different roles of a front of house engineer and a monitor engineer. He then ran us through a typical day of his job being a front of house engineer and how his day does not start when the gig happen but much earlier in the day just so he can ensure the delivery of his work. He then ran us through all typical live sound gears to us as well as all the signal flow and routing. After we get our heads around all the gear and what they do, we were drilled to start the whole system in a business-standard manner. We learnt the importance of doing so the right way as we can potentially damage hundreds of thousands worth of gear and also put the whole production team’s effort at stake. Before coming into the lesson I did not even know what a crossover is and needless to say, the amount of information was fairly big to me which I would need some time to digest. The live gig that we will have to deliver at the end of this intensive would be challenging to us as none of us has much experience in this field.

Reflecting on this lesson, although Tim kept stressing how live engineers are greatly in demand in the business and how well they are paid, I cannot say that gains me interest into this sector of business. However, gaining more knowledge about their job I became even more admiring to their hard work and professionalism spending months on the road away from their close ones delivering music to the audience.


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