Learning the Rig

AUS220 Week 6

This week was week two of our live sound intensive and we spent most of the day learning how to set up the soundstage. As we learn more about the procedures of setting up a rig, I feel like the stress is also getting more and more. As we are required to be fast and precise, I realise we have to be very clear about our drill and the production plan, which I do not consider to be an easy task even just for a small setup like what we have in SAE. It was not easy for me to learn all the procedures and delivering them in just one day. One must imagine, with the increase in size in production scale, with drastically more gears and individuals involved, lives must be hard for anyone working in the live sound business.

After setting up, we finally get a chance to roughly mix protools stem through the PA system to imitate the process of a live gig. I realise the one thing I do not do very well is to react with changes within and between songs because I am not very familiar with the console and I am generally not very fast and decisive when it comes to creative choices. Although I will not be handling the console during our gig I still would like to improve on this part.

I feel like the biggest challenges of working in live sound is the enormous scope of possible problems that will eventually happen throughout the process of delivering work. Chances of human and communication error rises when different personnel is responsible for completely different tasks. With various gears , involving lights, monitors, backline, microphones and many more all running on stage, faults will necessarily happen. Although as Tim has said during class, having a well thought out production plan with as much pre-production time as possible will very much eliminate most risks, there are times that odds may not be in our favour. With the scope of possible problems getting big, the challenges of flexibility and quick reaction rises.

With that in mind, I would be happy if our group can come up with a extensive production plan to minimise the chances of error. There are a million things that worries me in mind but hopefully things will go smooth.

As for side projects, I am going to start doing post-production for an ex-SAE student’s webisode series which is going to be a drama of crime genre. The final cut for the first episode is almost done and I am excited to started doing “real” post-production. This is going to be a challenge for me to manage all the different projects, namely our live sound gig, podcast, and studio production along with this project within a short time frame. I wish to deliver the best of my works and try to have fun along the journey and hopefully that would be the case.


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