Stress and De-stress makes you stronger

AUS220 Week 7

This has been a very jam-packed week for me and things get inevitably stressful. The band we have originally planned for our headline act pulled out so we have to go with the two opening acts we have planned. Frankly, we have all kind of freaked out a bit and also frustrated which bring down our team morale even lower. We are supposed to hand in the production plan before this week but we were behind in schedule. I am glad that we eventually made it although there are still gaps to fill in for between the plan and the gig which leaves us still much more to do before the gig happens.

Reflecting upon the failure of delivering a thorough plan on time, I think there are a few things I could have done better and also things we could have done better as a team. In terms of personal reflection, I think I could have been more positive and proactive to encourage the team towards a better product. Knowing my teammate well that they have tendencies of overpromising, I could have tried harder to make sure they deliver their work so I did not have to end up completing the production plan mostly by myself. Designing stage plan, input list, setting up Facebook event page and creating poster are all out of my normal scope and I felt very stressed when I had to step up to deliver all of them on my own. This could have been avoided if I encourage my teammates better and if I had stepped up earlier to take up the leading role when no one else wanted to do it.

As a team, we could have communicated better and be more decisive. We had meeting before we need to hand in the plan but we did not actually decide over a lot of important choices such as stage plans and run sheet. Looking back, I think the problem would likely be contributed by the fact that none of us has actual experience or passion in live sound. But this is not an excuse since we are trained to be professionals, which we should try to deliver our best possible work regardless of interest. While we have delivered a plan as we should, there are a lot of things we could have discussed on and improved on.

Apart from the plan, I have started working for the webisode. So far I have done two session with the filmmaker to clean up his existing audio is his project as well as doing some foley work with him part-timing as the “foley talent” and me being the producer/ director role of sounds. This is an exciting project and I am happy to have come on board. This is supposed to be a mildly comedic crime drama, therefore, I think the overall sound design for the film should push towards a more dramatic effect to better sell the style.

Our gig will be happening next week and I will also have to deliver my CIU presentation together with the webisode all along. Hopefully I would see less accidents and more exciting products that I would actually enjoy. I remeber during my first weeks in SAE, our CIU lecturer Leon made a brilliant speech how athletes train their body and how us as creative professionals and as human being, learn and grow similarly by stressing and de-stressing. This has been a very stressful week for me but I am happy to face the challenges and grow as a person.


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