Jumping onto the Neve Console

AUS220 Week 9

Coming in at week 9 we said goodbye with the live sound intensive as we have kickstarted our advanced studio production intensive with Clarke. Before coming into the session, our group has already gone through the genre and style we are shooting for. Teardrop by Massive Attack is going to be our main reference track, notably aiming for the overall dark trip-hop vibe with ethereal sounding female vocals. Besides Massive Attack, we will also be drawing reference from other big names in trip-hop such as Portishead with their hit Roads. Out of the two demos of choice, we wanted to go for Straight Out The Door since the other group in the class has done Distant Friend already. All of us with this rough plan in mind, we get in the studio early to start laying down some framework of the song.

Throughout the day, we have locked in our main drumbeat loop and synth bass as well. After spending some time running through the operation of our big Neve console, we tracked some piano in the rec area with myself on piano trying to lay a basic loop or chord progression for the sound. The outcome sounds dark but warm, which is exactly the style we were shooting for to resemble our reference track. With these basic framework, we jumped back to the control room together and started detailing the arrangement of the song. Along the discussion, we realised that we do not like the lyrics of Straight Out The Door so we opted for Distant Friend instead. However, to better suit the trip hop style and to deviate from all previous works from previous tri 4 students, we decided to re-write the whole melody and to phrase the vocal line to sound more ethereal and soothing.

After settling the basic structure and arrangement for the song, next week we have decided to bring in some instruments and start tracking. Our current plan is to bring in an acoustic guitar and we might also want to record some drums one-shots to spice up our beat. Angus is also planning to bring in some of his crazy instrument collection to see if they can fit in to our song. I am looking forward to continue working on the project and I cannot wait to listen to our final product.


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