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AUS220 Week 10

Work starts ramping up as we are approaching the end of the semester. Beside the studio production intensive, we have to hand in a 60 sec ad for our podcast project on week 11 and my CIU multimedia project is also approaching its deadline. With all the stresses and tasks in mind, we jumped into the Neve studio to continue our process of producing the demo for our studio production intensive.

Unfortunately though, most of our group members are not in good condition and the session was not very productive. However, Jarrod has come up with some vocal ideas and demos so we started to see the song coming into life. We spent some time trying to figure out the details of our arrangement but we ended up not being very decisive and opted to figure out as we do. We tracked acoustic guitars and some drum one-shots as we planned but the overall project did not feel like progressed much. Luckily enough, our singer is available to come in after class and we ended up tracking vocals till 8 at night which gave us more materials to work on and build the song.

On the other hand, we have sourced a voiceover actor for our Podcast project. We are lucky to find her because she does professional voiceover jobs regularly in local radio and that significantly improves the quality of our Podcast as well. We have managed to finish the script beforehand the session and since she is professional, the recording session went very smooth. With all the interview and the voiceover done, we can start piecing together the ad. What we would need to work on more is going to be nailing the background music. Since our topic is to compare about the musical environment between Berlin and Melbourne, our current idea is to use two different style of music to contrast between the sections talking about the two different cities.

Since we have followed our timeline plan, I do not expect our coming weeks to be too hard or demanding. Having said that though, there are much more we can do to polish up our products so they do not only sound like students’ work but actually commercially releasable work.


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