Obsessed with "Tedious" jobs

AUS220 Week 11

Closing in to the last few weeks of the trimester, this week we have approached the end of our advanced studio production intensive and have finished our podcast project. For my freelance project, I have helped the post-production process of one of the capstone film this semester. It has been a busy week but also fruitful and exciting.

For our studio production intensive, we have spent our whole day nailing the compositions as well as the details of our song to get ourselves well-prepared for our mixing day next week. To sum up this song, it is a quiet trip-hop style ballad with a mix of electronic and modern pop/rock music elements. We are all happy with this direction since our group consist of half of electronic and half of pop/rock musician so we can all contribute and participate throughout the process. I am happy to learn about the drastically different way these our seasoned electronic music artists think of music and also their workflow. When I start writing a song, I always start writing a riff our a chord progression, and then develop the structures and harmony, basically start with a framework and build upon it. The major difference I realised in terms of workflow or mentality is how they can start making a song from anywhere, with or without a framework and how they can make any piece of sound become interesting. This observation made me reflect on my normal music production process and my obsession on studio techniques, plugins or gears. Maybe next time, instead of stressing and obsessing on nailing particular sounds right, I should focus more on the big picture. The reflection is fruitful to me, which although I did not take the leading role in the project I still think I have learnt a lot.

For our podcast project, I took on the role editing all the voiceovers and interviews. The original content lasts for around 22 mins and it comes down to around 18 mins after me spending a few hours shaving off all the “um”s, “ah”s, “you know”s and various hiccups. This is obviously a rather unamusing part of the project but I know I am the best in terms of editing in my group so I stepped up for the job. It was a good practice for me as I do not have too much experience in editing voiceovers and I am happy how the ending results made the interviewees and the whole podcast sounds practical.

For my freelance project, I have helped Shay to do the heavy lifting of SFX editing for the capstone film produced by Ben. The film itself is about an Australian professional esports player of the game Rocket League about his career, the struggles and challenges he faces. The game is essentially like a soccer game, but instead of controlling the ball with your feet, you drive a car and control the ball with the car. As the film features heavily in-game footages of the national qualifiers, my major role in the post production is to put the sound effects in place and to make non-players of the game better understand what is going on about the match. Consider putting in all the ball kicking sounds and footsteps back artificially to a football match you would have the picture of how fiddly and trivial my job is and how time consuming it would be. Since we only have another day before the deadline of submission, I worked until midnight after class and gladly made it to Shay, the main audio engineer of the project to finish the 5.1 mixing of the film. I enjoyed this job a lot although I assume most would find this job tedious and unamusing, just like editing voiceovers, and I am glad my effort has helped the project. The link below is the match the whole short film is centered about and it was honestly exciting although I had no knowledge about this game before.


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