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AUS220 Week 12

Closing in the last weeks of the trimester, we have wrapped up our studio production intensive by spending our last lesson mixing in the Neve Studio. Since the majority of our song is mixed and edited in the box already, we have managed to narrow down 60-70 tracks down into groups or stems so we have an easier time mixing. The approach we agreed on is to treat the console as a glorified summing mixer, so instead of trying to tweak all the details on the desk we focused on add colour and tones using the desk and all the outboard gears. The process has been pretty smooth and we were happy with the result.

(Not the actual session unfortunately)

During the week, I also did a job recording some ADR for an upcoming featured film. Unfortunately, I have signed an non-disclosure agreement with the production so I cannot disclose the details of the job. What I can say though, is that it was truly a bliss working with a world-class actress in the studio. One second she was talking to us and to the director, and another second she was already fully concentrated on being “the character”. It was an incredible experience to see someone with a world-class talent at work. Having this valuable experience and being able to be credited in an featured film just boosted my confidence and determination into pursuing a career in the post-production profession.

Reflecting upon the experience though, I was very nervous and we even experienced some major hardware faulty during the session. It was not only an professional actress that I am a huge fan of , but also actually my third time recording ADR for anybody. Although there were heaps I could have improved on like being more attentive and quick at work, I think I have did a good job considering my lack of experience. Hopefully the director and the production team is satisfied with our work and would offer us more jobs in the future.


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