Drum Engineering

AUP230 Week 3 Three weeks into our advanced studio production intensive, we have spent our day drum engineering as most of our group smashed our drum recording on the school day. Since we are all shooting for a similar sound, we have decided to spend more time nailing our drum sound so we can focus more on producing and grooving during our tracking session.

Upon research on Butch Vig’s drum recording technique, I have tried to recreate his tone with some work-arounds. His drum miking choice is pretty standard, D112 for Kick in, FET 47 as Kick out, SM57 as Snare top, C451 as Snare Bottom and Hats, C414 as Overheads and U87s as Rooms. What is interesting though, is his use of a drum tunnel during the tracking of Nevermind, which is essentially a line of empty kick drum shells straight from the kick drum in order to get some more artificial resonation and fattiness for the kick. At the end of the day, I think I have managed to get similar results by swapping the FET 47 with a NT-K2 and a SM58 as Snare Bottom.

During the week, I have also nailed my vocals with Luke’s friend Anthony. Although his voice might not be as gritty as Kurt Cobain, they both fall in similar voice range and he did recreated that attitude from Kurt’s vocal. However, I would not say that the result is stellar as he had a hard time double tracking but I think that would work for a grunge vibe.


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