Song Exploder Done

AUP230 Week 4

Closing in on our advanced studio production intensive as we said goodbye to our Song Exploder project. Reflecting on the outcome of the project, I would not say I am satisfied with the results. There are a few main reason contributing to the outcome and here under is a reflection on the process as well as possible improvements.

To start with, I have chosen the wrong genre or producer to work on. Given that we only have 4 weeks for the project, I struggled to juggle between my side projects so I chose to do a grunge style, which I thought would be easier for me despite not being very into this genre. This ended up being a wrong decision as I did not really enjoy the project and therefore I did not pay as much effort and attention as I should. Furthermore, producing has always been my biggest weakness in terms of music production skills as I have always struggled to have a clear vision of the sound I am looking for. Being an international student, my connections with local musicians are doubtlessly very weak and I failed to source the right people for this kind of music. All of the musicians I ended up working with are in the rock or pop genre, which definitely lack the gear and the playing style that the song calls for. Lastly, I think I have relied too much on my mixing and editing skills as they have always been my stronger side. I kept lying to myself that I can fix the flaws in the tracks during mixing and therefore did not spend the adequate effort on producing. I would say, at the end of the day, the post-production stage did help fix some of the problems for the tracks but it is obviously not the point for this project.


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