Foley Trip

AUP230 Week 6

It is now week two of our post-production intensive. Based on the rough schedule we agreed upon on week one, this week we would like to have our dialogue edited, voiceover done, as well as start doing some sound design or foley work. During the lesson, Tristan has showed us the appropriate approach when it comes to dialogue editing, which made us realised some of the mistakes we have made for our editing. We have fell a bit behind the schedule on this end, however, all other aspects are looking very good for us.

For voiceover, we have been lucky to lock in a voiceover talent to come in during school time on Tuesday. We were aiming for a mature female voice, deviating from the original male voice to better suit the theme of how the volunteers help nurture the people in Papua New Guinea. Our talent has absolutely nailed the job and she sounded very much like what we have expected.

For sound design and foley work, we have done managed to source 90% of the sound we need with a quick afternoon foley trip around South Melbourne. The majority of the sounds are travelling related, namely vehicles and footsteps. Since the volunteer group was travelling with a heavy duty diesel Jeep in the film, we would love to get sounds from a big diesel car if possible. Luckily, Corey happens to drive a small diesel truck which would do the trick. We have recorded both in and out of the car, as well as some car related foleys like car doors and engine sounds. It was definitely a fun experience.

As of next week, we are looking to get our atmos done, our scoring done, as well as dialogue editing done as Tristan will be going through dialogue mixing during class next week. I will be trying to score half of the film, with a theme of travel, nurture, journey, heroic and sacrifice.


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