No Roads to Health

AUP230 Week 5

Starting off our post production intensive, I have chosen to work on a documentary short film, No Roads to Health, together with Luke, Mitch and Corey. This is a documentary created by one of our film teacher in SAE, about a group of Australian volunteers travelling to Papua New Guniea to provide some much needed health care service for the locals. The reason for choosing to work on this film instead of anything else on the list is that I want to practice my mixing skills on films, particularly the chops on dialogue mixing. Since I will be working on a capstone film for part of my major project, I feel like it is crucial to sharpen my teeth before taking on the challenge.

Reviewing on my own skills in the broad spectrum of audio post-production, based on my own reflection and comments from peers, I would say editing and sound designing are my best strength while mixing might fall on my short side. Just like any skills in life, practice makes perfect, and I clearly lack the experience of mixing films since post production is new to me before I come studying at SAE.

Going back to the documentary, the bulk of the post-production work falls under dialogue and sync editing, noise reduction and cleaning up, and some appropriate film scoring. The original sync sounds are all over the place with a lot of dodgy edits and the scores are just pulled off previous projects which do not really suit the story this documentary is trying to convey. Upon discussion, we have roughly split the work so everyone can work on something they want to try/ improve on. To me, as mentioned, is to practice my mixing skills, and perhaps to try film scoring as well. This project is looking fun and we are excited for the challenge.


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