Universal Audio Workshop

AUP230 Week 7

Universal Audio representatives has come in SAE for a workshop showcasing their newest line of audio interface, the Apollo X series. I have always been a fan of this company myself because of their user-friendly products as well as their pursuit on recreating the sounds of legendary analog gears. The workshop has given me insight on gear expanding plan and I am pretty sold on getting their flagship Apollo x16 interface due to their world-leading convertors and new DSP chips just like most attendants on the workshop.

I have owned the Apollo Twin MKII Duo thunderbolt interface, another signature product for UA, after I have read about their Unison Preamp technology as well as the capability of the thunderbolt system on expanding and customising your own rig. Unison Preamp technology is developed with the goal of emulating the sound of analog preamps both digitally and physically. By switching settings on different components along the circuit, the Unison Preamp system can emulate the nuisances of harmonic distortion, a.k.a the tone or the colour we audio people look for from analog preamps. On the other hand, with the thunderbolt system, UA interfaces have the ability to work and connect together by thunderbolt cables, in which they can be working as one unit and share their DSP power and I/Os with each other. What that means, is when I decided to upgrade my interface for more I/Os or better convertors, I would not need to trade my old interface away. Let’s just say I am getting an Apollo x16, just by using a small thunderbolt splitter, I will be able to enjoy the quality from it while still retaining the ease of control and talkback with the Apollo Twin.

As a consumer, I am very happy to see UA pushing the industry standard every time they push out new products. They have been in the interface market for just 5 years and they are already beating existing products like the Apogee Symphony by miles. Not to mention their leading role in the plug-in market, I am very much looking forward for this company to push into new realms of the business which will doubtlessly change the industry for the betterment of it.


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