Post Intensive DONE!

AUP230 Week8

This week we closed in our Post-production intensive as we bring our mix to finish. Mixing this film, No Roads to Health, has been a challenging task for our group due to our lack of experience and the poor audio quality. Anyhow, I am confident of our end product and am amazed by how much we have managed to improve the film by fixing the audio. For this project, I am mainly responsible for dialogue mixing, mixing and music, which has truly been fruitful for myself.

Since we have been all caught up with other responsibilities, we were fairly behind schedule at the start of the week. By then we have finished dialogue mixing and the majority of the music. Due to competition in studio time, we have only managed to secure 4 hours studio time for our dialogue mixing, which was far from being enough. I ended up spending a sleepless night mixing all the dialogues at home so we are ready for our mixing day.

The mixing process has been smooth although we have underestimated the amount of time and effort needed to push through a 10 mins documentary which honestly feels bland and boring after watching it so many times. We ended up having to spend 3 hours before deadline, coming in the studio at 9pm just to finish the mix. Despite the hard work, we are happy for the result and have all learnt a lot.

Lastly, for music, I have written the music with world music elements in mind. Since Papua New Guinea, where the docs was taken, has no prominent music tradition, I have gone for a more South-East Asian and African approach. Panpipes, hand drums, flutes and tribal chants are some of the elements that set the place for the story.


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