Sounds of Nature

AUP230 Week 11

Closing the end of the trimester, we have to start delivering for our CIU unit. For my capstone project, I have teamed up with Brice to create a nature sound sample pack from different sub-urban ecosystems across Victoria. This week, we have just carried out our first field trip. We were both amazed by the quality of the recordings that we get, although we still need some time to edit and treat before we are done with them.

The trip has been refreshing and exciting for us two nature lovers. We have went to the forests around Mount Dandenong at Sherbrooke for our first trip. Since this is our first time doing sound recording in the wild, we treat this trip more as a trial and error. Unfortunately, we failed to secure a pair of MKH416 and we had to rely on a Zoom H1 which is not up to par in terms of audio quality. However, the audio still turned out alright, but we will need more feedbacks from Tristan and other professional sound recordist to see where we can go forward.

It has been a happy journey as we get close to wild animals and we are both happy that we have chosen this project although it is doubtlessly out of our comfort zone and much harder than for say doing an album in our bedrooms.


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