Classic Scenes Lookalike (Freelance)

AUP230 Week9

For the freelance project of this trimester, I have helped some fellow SAE student fix some audio issues of their studio assignments. There are two short films that I have worked on, and both of them are mockups of classic movies. One of the scene was from The Wolf of Wall Street and the other one was from Lord of the Rings. The two films have similar audio issues, which they are not recorded from proper shotgun microphone on a boom stick (because they lost all the files), but rather from camera microphones.

For the Wolf of Wall Street scene, most of the audio that I have to work with was either too far away from the source, clipped or too roomy. The scene was simple and straight forward so there is not much room for sound designs. Therefore, this job for me is like a practice run for my Izotope post plug-in suite to fix the audio as much as I can. I first tried de-clipping the audio only to find that they are already rendered by the video editing software. So I switched on cleaning up the audio from B-roll to try making them sound as clean and direct as possible.

For the Lord of the Rings scene, the audio was less problematic although the quality was not good. The pictures they gave me also has some weird frame rate problem that I had to pause and play over and over again to properly see it. The overall audio sounds “windy” with some bits completely covering all the syncs. Also, in the mock up version, the actors fought with plastic swords so I have to bring in sword fight sound effects. Overall it was only a one minute film so it was not particularly difficult for me.


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