GLOW (More Freelance Work)

AUP230 Week 12

This week I got called in last minute mixing this short film GLOW. This film featured a fight between two female wrestler that happened a few weeks ago in a Melbourne pub. Since it is impossible to mic up the fighters or the ring, all the audio for the film comes from one high and one close overhead mic with one radio mic from the announcer. Given that the fight did not happen in a studio setting, there is not much the filmmakers can do to get high quality established videos and audios. I have asked the director of the film for directions or expectations to the film, but the only response I received was “It’s a fight.” Without having any directions, my biggest job for the film would be fixing any noise or clipped audio while adding in some more excitement by blending in impact sound effects during the fight.

I ended up spending 3 hours just to source all the impact noises and putting them in place. While a 15 min film does not seem too long, there are easily 50 punches, kicks or sick wrestling moves that would require some kind of sound effect to convey the impact to the audience. Afterwards I took my time riding the fader of the close overhead mic and chose it as the main audio throughout the whole film. I kept the radio mics and the high overhead mics at relatively low levels unless there is any problem with the main audio track. Finally, I blended in some pub atmos to make the film sound more lively overall. One atmos was a noisy chatty vibe and the other was a quiet pub vibe which suits the scenes of the film.


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