Final "Final Report"

AUP230 Week 13

This report has marked an end to my fifth trimester here in SAE and also marked an end to the audio studio units. The unit has not been as jam-packed as before but I think I still learnt a lot.

Audio Production Intensive - Song Exploder (Deliverables Folder)

The song I produced was a cover version of the classic Punk song “Should I Stay or Should I Go” by the Smiths as covered by Nirvana. The aim was to mix old punk with Butch Vig, the golden standards of punk production. Reflecting on the outcome of the project, I would not say I am satisfied with the results.

Producing has always been my biggest weakness in terms of music production skills as I have always struggled to have a clear vision of the sound I am looking for. Being an international student, my connections with local musicians are doubtlessly very weak and I failed to source the right people for this kind of music. All of the musicians I ended up working with are in the rock or pop genre, which definitely lack the gear and the playing style that the song calls for.

Post Production Intensive - No Roads To Health (Deliverables Folder)

Mixing this film, No Roads to Health, has been a challenging task for our group due to our lack of experience and the poor audio quality. Anyhow, I am confident of our end product and am amazed by how much we have managed to improve the film by fixing the audio. For this project, I am mainly responsible for dialogue mixing, mixing and music, which has truly been fruitful for myself.

The mixing process has been smooth although we have underestimated the amount of time and effort needed to push through a 10 mins documentary which honestly feels bland and boring after watching it so many times. We ended up having to spend 3 hours before deadline, coming in the studio at 9pm just to finish the mix. Despite the hard work, we are happy for the result and have all learnt a lot.

For the music, I have written the music with world music elements in mind. Since Papua New Guinea, where the docs was taken, has no prominent music tradition, I have gone for a more South-East Asian and African approach. Panpipes, hand drums, flutes and tribal chants are some of the elements that set the place for the story.

Mastering Intensive

This intensive is the one that I enjoyed the most and the lectures we had were some of the best ones I had in SAE. We have learnt all the basic principles and tools for mixing for masters and the mastering process that made us confident putting out quick masters for future clients. Some of the things we learnt in the intensive was useful for mixing or audio production in general. Having no idea or experience of mastering whatsoever before the intensive, I am pretty happy with the masters that I have done.

Freelance - Film Mixing - Plan B (Link here)

I have mixed this short film at the start of the trimester. This project is a comedy crime webisode series about the gangster world in Melbourne. This has been a tough job since the only audio I was given was the lines and I have to spot every single piece of sound effects in place which was tedious and time consuming. I have enjoyed working on the film nonetheless and the filmmaker Jackson was friendly and easy to work with unlike most other filmies I have worked with.

The biggest challenge of the film was to recreate the car chase scene. The movement and camera angles are pretty specific and it took me some time to edit and sound design mustang sounds I sourced from in order to make the scene sounds convincing.

Freelance - Song Mixing - Serrini (Deliverables Folder)

I mixed this song for this Hong Kong indie pop singer. The singer is looking to release a new album by next summer, breaking away from her funny, bright indie pop style into heavier, darker folky pop. She has just finished his tour around China and from what I heard she is start to getting lots much more festival and show gigs. The song I worked on is supposed to be the first single of the new album, and will be an important capstone signifying her change of style.

The producer of the album is a friend of mine, and he is known for making dark folky tunes. I had a bit of trouble understanding his style and it was something out of my scope. The first mix that I sent him was much more traditional, commercial pop which did not suit his taste at all. After some back and forth on ideas and more researches on reference tracks, I have been able to put out sth that both him and the artist could agree on. For me, the project served as a test of my skill and a good chance to put my name out in the professional world.

Freelance - Film Mixing - Classic Scene Lookalikes (Deliverables Folder)

I have helped some fellow SAE student fix some audio issues of their studio assignments. There are two short films that I have worked on, and both of them are mockups of classic movies. One of the scene was from The Wolf of Wall Street and the other one was from Lord of the Rings. The two films have similar audio issues, which they are not recorded from proper shotgun microphone on a boom stick (because they lost all the files), but rather from camera microphones.

Freelance - Film Mixing - GLOW (Deliverables Folder)

This film featured a fight between two female wrestler that happened a few weeks ago in a Melbourne pub. Since it is impossible to mic up the fighters or the ring, all the audio for the film comes from one high and one close overhead mic with one radio mic from the announcer. Given that the fight did not happen in a studio setting, there is not much the filmmakers can do to get high quality established videos and audios. I have asked the director of the film for directions or expectations to the film, but the only response I received was “It’s a fight.” Without having any directions, my biggest job for the film would be fixing any noise or clipped audio while adding in some more excitement by blending in impact sound effects during the fight.


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