Anslem is a motivated audio engineer with a diverse skillset and experience. He came from a musical background with interests in films and games and he is always looking to keep up with the industry trend and to incorporate adequate audio into any kind of media.


Born and lived in Hong Kong, he was a local-based audio/ music freelancer, mainly working as a recording/ mixing engineer. However, after seeing the growing need of post-production audio professionals in the film and game industry, he pursued his studies in Melbourne in the hopes of becoming an all-rounded audio/music practitioner.


His interest in gaming and movie leads him into collaborating with various indie game developers and filmmakers. Ranging from scoring and sound designing, Anslem is capable of effectively communicating other creative professionals due to his diverse interests outside music.


Anslem is dedicated to the art of experimentation and uniqueness, which he employs his creativity in his constant search to capture the essence of the music his collaborators desired although sometimes considered “Out-of-the-box”. 


His mixing style draws a lot of inspiration from legendary mixing engineer Andy Wallace. He is also musically and creatively influenced by heroes include producers such as Steven Wilson and Brian Eno, as well as gaming soundtrack composers such as Akira Yamaoka and Gustavo Santaolalla. This is apparent in his progressive sense of music as shown in his works.